Family Dentistry In Bluffton, SC

Finding a dentist that’s right for the entire family can be challenging. Dr. Jeffrey Bauer and his team of dental care providers makes deciding where to receive health care for you and your family easy. Bauer Dental Associates proudly provides dental care for children, adults, and seniors at our state-of-the-art facility. Schedule your family’s next appointment with our dental practice in Okatie today!


Diagnostic examinations and cleanings are essential in avoiding issues and maintaining optimal oral health. Teeth need to be cleaned at least every six months to remove tartar buildup and monitor potential complications. These visits to the dentist ensure you and your family’s smiles are in their best shape at all times. Dr. Bauer also instructs patients on the most effective ways to maintain dental hygiene in between visits for around the calendar care.

Fluoride treatment and sealants are offered for patients showing greater susceptibility to issues like decay and weakened enamel. Fluoride is an essential mineral that helps teeth develop strength and durability. Sealants cover the crevices of deep fissures and protect teeth against decay.


As we age, our teeth become more susceptible to injury and decay. Dr. Bauer and his team are committed to restoring smiles by replacing missing teeth, repairing damage, and improving overall function. While providing patients with restorative care, Dr. Bauer always maintains a keen eye towards the patient’s esthetics. Restorative options our practice offers include:

Tooth repair can be necessary when a tooth has suffered damage to its structure. Patients can receive either a bonding to repair the esthetic of the tooth or a crown to replace the structure and restore functionality.

Teeth alignment using Invisalign® can greatly improve the function of teeth while allowing a patient to maintain optimal dental hygiene without needing advanced dental tools.

Treatment for decay can range anywhere from addressing a simple cavity with a filling or undergoing root canal therapy to eliminate infection that has reached the inner tooth. We provide the necessary care to alleviate discomfort and restore your smile.

Replacements, such as bridges and full or partial dentures, use prosthetic teeth to imitate the natural smile and restore your oral health. Bridges replace one or two teeth, while dentures can replace up to an entire arch. Our office also offers implant-supported options as comprehensive solutions to replacing teeth.

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Call or visit Bauer Dental Associates and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Bauer today. Our family practice in Bluffton, SC is more than happy to assist patients from Bluffton and communities across Beaufort County in achieving a beautiful, healthy smile.